welcome to graphicpanda.com!
Graphicpanda.com is the home of cartoonist/comicbook illustrator Jeremy Dale. Here on this site you will find numerous illustrations from my portfolio, from comicbooks to children's books to design and beyond! So look around, make yourself at home-- there's plenty to see!
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GraphicPanda.com is now basically defunct, as I have switched over to a new website, located at WWW.JEREMY-DALE.COM . Trust me, you'll enjoy that site MUCH more than this one. GO THERE NOW!


New site online!
   1/19/2k6 - The new site, at WWW.JEREMY-DALE.COM, is online now! HEAD ON OVER! All links to the 'Panda are hereon dead and inactive.

Workin' hard!

  9/2/2K5 - Sorry for the lack of updates-- I'm working on them as we speak... VISIT THE SHOP!

FORUMS are up!

  6/23/2K5 - Ronin Studios just donated a forum to me! Visit the new JEREMY DALE FORUM!

   Wildguard: Fool's Gold !

  5/9/2K5 - My first Image Comics art will debut in the aforementioned Wildguard, coming July 6th!. For more information, see WILDGUARD.COM.

  24-Hour Comic Book Day!

  4/23/2K5 - I had the opportunity to participate in this year's festivities! To see my 24-Hour Comic, GO HERE. I GUARANTEE you'll have a good time!


  3/22/2K5 - Just finished drawing a 4 page sequence for a back-up in a popular Image comicbook that SHOULD hit later this summer. I'll keep you updated as events allow me to divulge more.

         NEW SITE,,,

3/20/2K5 - Starting the new site design, need to tweak things here and there. You guys won't see any of this at this point, but as soon as it goes live, it'll look a lot more complete. Then again, you don't know what it looks like NOW, so... ah, forget it.


        TODAY   NEWS
3/18/2K5 - I didn't even download this until the 20th, NOW you want news BEFORE that?! Okay, sure-- TRUST is on hiatus until I finish all the other stuff on my plate. People have been asking about it, I know-- it's not a priority at this point. Hang in there, TRUSTPHILES!

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